Emergency Response Service

Emergency Response Telephone Answering services Emergency Response Service

If your business requires out of office hours cover to ensure that no calls are missed, our 24-hour emergency response service is what you have been looking for. We will ensure that the escalation process is managed quickly and efficiently in accordance with your instructions. We provide a professional call handling service for many companies in the UK, Ireland,  Canada, and the all over the USA, we understand the need for speed and accuracy when dealing with valued clients over the telephone.

Our professional emergency response staff will offer excellent customer support to your callers and clients and will ensure that all calls requiring escalation are called out to your on-call personnel without delay. No matter where your employees happen to be, they will be able to respond to customer queries in a timely manner, we can even patch the caller thru to you or your staff if we need to at that point in time without delay.

You can update your call out or escalation staff rotas at any time by simply emailing or calling us. We have many years’ experience of dealing with these essential services and log all calls to ensure a full audit trail to support the action taken, as agreed with you when setting your service up.

Prompt and accurate communications are vital to all business types. Studies have indicated prospective property and business owners choose one management company over another, not for quality and results alone, but because of the communication experience from their business associates and from also friends or family that also received at that one company, A good word of mouth is critical to any business when it comes to the point of a good image and point of contact.

If you need advice on business continuity in the event of a crisis we are here to help. We will agree on a procedure in advance to enable prompt and efficient response at a time that will very likely be critical to your ongoing business operations. No matter what problems your business may face, client calls need to be handled quickly and efficiently and with our team of professionals on your side.