Message Taking Service

Message Taking

Message taking with call Answering services


Message Taking service for our clients is one of our unique services you can use. Once your call is answered, the caller will be dealt with in a professional and efficient manner day or night. Whatever your customers have to say, our UK or Ireland call handling experts staff will listen politely and diligently, before taking a message and forwarding it on to your designated contact.

When you outsource your message taking directly to handle calls and take messages on your company’s behalf, you no longer have to worry about how your clients are being treated on the phone. We always treat callers in the professional manner possible day or night with a log of every call we take for you.

Because every client is different, Our systems ensure that you receive your messages in a way that’s convenient for you or your team. When you subscribe to our message taking services, we’ll offer you the following message delivery options: Email, sms text message.

If Your business is essentially a one-person operation, then SMS delivery may be the best option for you, You can proceed with the confidence that you’ll receive your message as soon as it is sent – as long as you have mobile service at your  mobile, when a call comes in on your dedicated number, a screen pops up in front of the operator who is then guided by your present requirements. Any changes that you make can be done asap and is updated straight away.

location.You can relax and concentrate on what you need to do, safe in the knowledge that your calls will always be handled professionally.

When it comes to call answering services there is virtually no limit to what our receptionist can do.  If you need more than message taking, please feel free to call us