Overflow Call Handling 

Overflow call handling

Overflow call handling and telephone answering services How do you manage the phone lines in your office when your staff is to busy to take every incoming call? Even if you have a dedicated receptionist, there’s no guarantee that each call will be placed one after another – ensuring that someone’s always available to answer it.

Many of our clients simply don’t have the staff to assign one person to a full-time receptionist job. As a result, every incoming call is a disruption – pulling a staff member away from the task they were working on at that point in time. And as research shows, distractions like this cost more than the time it takes to simply answer the phone.

Our overflow call handling service has been specifically designed to allow your team or staff to stay on the task during peak times or periods of high volume or occasions when your receptionist is away from their station or you don’t have the cover. Our Call Handling Overflow Service is Easy To Use and can be used day or night.

Our overflow call handling service is easy to use.  Our service is user-friendly and highly effective for businesses with a fluctuating influx of calls at any time of the day or night 365 days of the year.

Every second count for small businesses or teams in a growing business. We’ve found that many of our clients struggle to keep their overheads within reasonable limits in general and a spike in calls can make matters more complicated.

Our overflow call handling service enables you to cope with the demand. There’s no need to worry about any deterioration in the level of customer support that you’re able to provide. You can count on us to handle those calls when you or your staff are not available to do so.

Make sure your callers never get the engaged tone or the member staff they need to speak to the first time around.