Setup FAQ

Setup FAQ

To set up your account you must click on one of the first subscription package you want we use PayPal for all of our payments unless an agreement is made between the client and ourselves and gcm to pay by alternative means, such as direct debit or standing order, all card payments and subscription payments are normally dealt with via the PayPal service,  giving you pace of mind that all your payment information is safe and dealt with by a centralised payment authority.and our current software automated process

This will give you peace of mind knowing that your payments will be taken automatically and on time and never late or missed payments. this stops any calls from suspension due to  late payments or non-payment of account.

Once you have added a subscription package to your account if you need additional extras, go back to the store and click on the extras that you need please. note that only one subscription package can be added at any one time with any purchase, this is for security reasons that we do not let multiple subscriptions in line with paypal customer payment safety regulations.

Please note when your payments have been verified and completed a customer service agent will be in contact with you during the next available working day if ordering after 5pm, or if your order is placed first thing during a business working day GMT time an operator will be in touch with you within two  hours of your initial set up payment to go over the initial setup process and to your requirements and account security and verification

Please note that all payment will be processed via these processing channels if you’re not happy to do this online we are happy to process your order over the telephone this can be done by contacting use directly.

The GCM works in a month to month rolling basis and within a month in lieu therefore when your account set up you will pay the first months subscription first on the point of activation  this process is also done via our customer service and sales department as they use exactly the Same system for payments directly