Telephone Answering & Virtual Receptionist Service

Telephone Answering & Virtual Receptionist ServiceDo you require assistance with answering your telephone calls or covering staff that is off due to holiday’s or other circumstances, then we can help you, with our call answering services that cover all of Ireland.

Your search is over, as you need not look any further as we have the solution just for you, we can take all your calls or just the ones, you can’t answer at that point in time, we can even act as a receptionist, we can transfer calls to you, on your mobile/cell phone or any landline at your office or home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

We have the technology to help you with your telephone sales inquiries or update your systems or website with the information. We could even look after you’re appointments or cancellations on your behalf, no matter the need we can tailor our systems to your every need, that’s why so many SME’s call us the best call answering service in Ireland.

If we are just taking messages for you we can send you SMS or E-mail messages with the message information you need to know. Our highly trained staff will even get to know your customers that well that your customers, will never even know that you are using our 24-hour call answering service.

We can give you one person or a whole team. Someone you know and trust or a whole team to look after your calls exactly as if they were based in your office.

To find out more about how our always on call answering service can help you why not call us, to find out more about our call answering services for small business or even new start-up business, or if you just need PA services then we are here for you day or night.